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Volunteer Comprehensive Health & Regenerative Medicine, PLLC


Mission Statement and Clinic Emphasis:

Musculoskeletal Medicine practice with an emphasis on principles of Physical Medicine, Interventional Spine/Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine- with specialty concentration in minimally-invasive surgical procedures in pain medicine and spinal/musculoskeletal pain- emphasizing Interventional Spine/Musculoskeletal, Non-Narcotic Pain Management  through Minimally-Invasive Treatment/Procedures/Options. We are also providing Regenerative Medicine options for our patients interested in non-invasive, non-surgical options.  Voted in "TOPDOCS" for Knoxville's CityView Magazine since 2006 - 2018 - for PM&R and Pain Medicine.


Our Medical Clinic Services:

We provide emphasis on Interventional Spine/Musculoskeletal, Non-Narcotic Pain Management  through Minimally-Invasive Treatment/Procedures/Options in the Knoxville area and the surrounding East Tennessee region. If you experience any of the following musculoskeletal conditions, we can provide a wide range of treatment options:      •Ankylosing Spondylitis  •Arm Pain (eg- cervical radiculopathy)  •Arthritis  •MVA-related and Work-related Injuries  •Axial Back Pain  •Cervical Spine Disorders  •Chronic Pain  •Coccydynia  •Complex Spinal Disorders  •Degenerative Disc Disease  •Degenerative Spinal Conditions  •Facet Syndrome  •Failed Back Surgery Syndrome  •Foot Drop  •Foot Pain  •Herniated Disc / Bulging Disc  •Joint Pain  •Lumbar Spine Disorders  •Neck Disorders  •Sports Injuries


Various Treatment/Diagnostic Clinic Options:

At VCHRM and USSS, we offer many various, interventional treatment/diagnostic options, including:    

~ We also sell - BioFreeze Analgesic Products , Durable Medical Equipment (DME)- LSO, SENS, Etc.; 

~ Regenerative Medicine Options-

Platelet-Rich Plasma, Stem Cell Treatments, etc.;

~ Musculoskeletal-guided and Flouroscopic-guided musculoskeletal pain-relieving, in-office procedures;

•Diagnostic Testing •Electromyography (EMG/NCS) •Epidural Steroid Injections •Facet Joint Injections /Medial Branch Blocks •Facet Rhizotomy/Neurotomy (RFNA) Injections •Injections / Blocks •Interventional Pain Medicine •Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) •Medial Branch Nerve Blocks •Nerve Testing •Non-Surgical Treatment and Diagnosis •Non-narcotic Interventional Pain Management (various treatments) •Sports Medicine •Musculoskeletal Ultrasound-Guided Procedures •Upper Cervical Specific Techniques •Discography (diagnostic) •Percutaneous Lumbar Disc Decompression

Our Clinic Address- Contact Us:

Volunteer Comprehensive Health & Regenerative Med.

10710 Murdock Drive, Suites #103-104, Knoxville, TN 37932, USA

(865) 690-3737 (Office); (865) 690-3757 (Fax)

Clinic Hours:

For any questions related to our business and services, please contact us here- or call our clinic to make an Appointment (865-690-3737)


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